The Importance Of Bonding With Your Elderly Family Members

So listen carefully to all the wonderful lessons and stories that your elders will regal you with, as you are sure to learn something that will come in handy during your lifetime. And there will come a time when you too will want to share the stories of your life with those younger than you so that they can take lessons, so listen well now and improve the story of your life for when it is your turn to share.Taking care of elderly parents and grandparents when they are in need is no easy task. But more than anything the elderly just want you to spend time with them and listen to them. Bonding with your elders is a means of creating more love, sympathy, empathy, understanding and harmony within community. Their involvement in your life will benefit you in numerous ways:

Someone to look up to and admire
Both the youth and elders need each other. The youth keep the elders feeling lively and valued while the elders help the youth remain grounded. So if you have grandparents in rest homes New Zealand make sure you visit them frequently and lift their mood with your presence because there will be many days that they need your happy energy. Your elders were probably pillars of the community when they were in their prime but now that they are no longer so able bodied their participation in societal work may have declined meaning it is up to you to involve them in your life as much as you possibly can so they do not feel neglected and also so that you can learn from their experiences.

Unconditional love
Grandparents love their grandkids probably more than they ever loved their own kids which is both hilarious and also sweet. Because grandparents spoil, pet, coddle and come to the defence and aid of their grandchildren creating a special bond between the two. It is a bond that only keeps growing and giving. Grandparents love spending time with their grandkids since they can bombard them with abundant love so if you have elders who live away from you in retirement homes or elsewhere go visit them and let them shower you with unconditional love.

Makes life less lonely
By connecting with your elders you get this sense of belonging and a feeling of security. Because you know where you have come from and who helped shape your life and you understand that you are part of this ‘tribe’ of sorts that loves you. A tribe that teaches you everything you need to know in order to live your life. Begin part of a family with elders means that you always have someone with experience to talk to. I remember how my grandmother would often make me sit down next to her and then proceed to tell me all these stories, we would have the most fascinating conversations about life and the past and future, she basically reconnected me with my family history and that was a gift in-and-of-itself. For more information, please log on to